Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marc, Tory and Burberry...Oh my!

In honor of my 24th (!) birthday being less than a week away, I figured I would put together a little "Wish List", if you will. It is funny though because I never thought I was much into the "Classic" pieces but looking above, you would think otherwise! Lately I have been warming up to the idea of investing in certain pieces that will last a lifetime and be worn each season (Hence, the Burberry Trench and Marc Jacobs bag). While these pieces are far out of my price range, I think by holding off on trendier items and saving up for one great bag, coat or pair of shoes would be of anyones best interest in the long run. I have seen some of these pieces last years for other people; I'm talking a Burberry trench being passed down over 40+ years! And Louis Vuitton bags that look more beautiful after 10 years of use. SO, while I may not get any of these things for my birthday (unless my boyfriend has been checking in on here!), I do think they are all definitely worth the investment.

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